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Telling Her Story: Ruby, Mom to Dashiell (8) and Romare (3)

Spending time with Ruby reminds you that there is magic everywhere. Postpartum depression pulled her to rock bottom where she excavated joy and rediscovered her connection to her true self. Her heartfelt candor is liberating, reassuring, and she'll connect you to your angels to boot.

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8 min read

The Age Gap

With every passing year, I felt like I was missing my chance to have a second child. I compared myself to other parents whose children were 2-3 years apart. Our kids will be 6.5 years apart and it feels perfect for us.

# motherhood
7 min read

Accepting My Pregnant Body

From a young age, I have needed to control my body. I was heavily influenced by the media that said we could never be thin enough. As a yoga teacher, I told myself I had to be thin. This thinking infiltrated my first pregnancy. With my second I am determined to be more accepting of my growing body.

# motherhood
6 min read
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