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Do Not Google

I made the mistake of Googling every little thing during my first pregnancy. It never left me feeling better and it often gave me misinformation. I got caught in the urge to go down the Google rabbit hole again with my second pregnancy. The moral of the story is: Don't do it!

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Prenatal Exercise: First Trimester

There's so much happening and changing in your body during first trimester. Even as a yoga teacher going through my second pregnancy, I've had to learn to be present with what my body needs in the moment. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do less.

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The Age Gap

With every passing year, I felt like I was missing my chance to have a second child. I compared myself to other parents whose children were 2-3 years apart. Our kids will be 6.5 years apart and it feels perfect for us.

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Boy or Girl?

When we found out the sex of our first, I was ashamed to discover that I felt sad. I discovered that "gender disappointment" is an actual phenomenon, one of those topics in motherhood that isn't often talked about openly, that could negatively impact the mental health of an expecting parent.

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The Surrealness of the First Trimester

There is such joy and uncertainty when you first find out that you're pregnant. I wanted to tell the world and to start planning, but it felt too early to do that until I could hear the heartbeat. It's surreal to have so much changing internally while nothing seems to be changing on the outside.

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