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A Mother's Love

I spent most of my life thinking I was fine - independent, strong, so accepting of my mom's "condition." When I became a mother and realized that I had never had and would never have a mother I could rely on, it broke me. Pain must be seen and held - with love. Then, space is created for healing.

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Telling Her Story: Kristi, Mom to Anna (4.5) and Giorgia (2)

Meet Kristi. She gave birth to her second child just as the world went into lockdown. Through acute isolation and debilitating pain, she sought and found support and strength within herself to reignite her inner light. Hers is a powerful story of resilience.

# motherhood
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Expectations vs Reality

In this piece from 2018, I reflect on my impossible expectations of motherhood negatively impacting my mental health. While I don't believe you can control whether or not you will go through postpartum depression, I do believe that unrealistic expectations set us up for disappointment and despair.

# motherhood
7 min read
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