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Everything Does Not Happen For A Reason

The words we say to ourselves and to each other are so important. As we all become more informed about mental illness, we can all learn to be a source of validation and comfort. It starts simply with listening and discarding harmful platitudes.

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7 min read

The Body Remembers

There is a shedding of your old self that necessarily happens when you go through an enormous life change such as becoming a mother. Some of the old layers are gone for good. Others call you back in due time. For me, my yoga practice is calling me home.

# mental health
12 min read

The Quiet Resurgence of Trauma

I was prepared to possibly experience postpartum depression with my second. It didn't happen. Yet I was subconsciously bracing myself for something bad to happen. ER visits felt like an ominous sign. I didn't realize until after the fact that PTSD had quietly been infiltrating my thinking.

# mental health
23 min read
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